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This should be a guide for Oracle data manipulation from PHP.

First of all, the connection:

<?php $ora_conn = ora_logon("username@instance","password"); ?>

the sql string (we’ll use select in this example):

<?php $sql = "select col1, col2, col3 from table1 where 1=1"; ?>

the loop that retrieves the data and publish as a HTML table:

$ora_cur = ora_do($ora_conn, $sql);
if ($ora_cur)
        $numCols = ora_numcols($ora_cur);
        //alternative coloring
        $col1 = "#eeeeee";
        $col2 = "#dddddd";
        $toggle = "#eeeeee";
        do {
               $toggle == $col1? $toggle = $col2: $toggle = $col1;
        <tr bgcolor="<? echo $toggle;?>">
          <td class="normal"><? echo ora_getcolumn($ora_cur,0);?></td>
          <td class="normal"><? echo ora_getcolumn($ora_cur,1);?></td>
          <td class="normal"><? echo ora_getcolumn($ora_cur,2);?></td>
          <td class="normal"><? echo ora_getcolumn($ora_cur,3);?></td>
        } while (ora_fetch($ora_cur));


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I have just achieved the MCSD certification on August 23rd. It means very much for me and now I want to study for MCDBA… I am just 2 exams far from this.

About the MCSD…. it tooks me one year to take all the exams.
I took the following exams, in chronological order:
70-229 – SQL Server
70-315 – C# Web
70-320 – Web Services
70-316 – C# Windows
70-300 – Architecture

The hardest exams for me were 70-320 (.NET Remoting, Serviced Components) and 70-300.
It is very easy to fail the 70-300 exam, because are so many multiple-choice questions and complex scenarios.

My transcript is available online at Microsoft:, ID: 679358, access code: andreiash


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