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Every webmaster knows about MediaTemple. It seems to be one of the most recognized hosting companies, especially with their site design, which I think is the most cloned layout in the world.

When Mihai and I were looking for a hosting provider, both of us agreed that we need the best hosting and we chose a MT dedicated server. All was ok until the last week.

Mihai requested a new password for root, and then his computer broke. After he fixes his computer, our server was down.
The reason? The bright-heads from MT set up the “root” password for “root” account, and they suggested changing the password as soon as possible. But Mihai was able to read the email only after 4 days… and it was to late… we were hacked.

We all agreed that it was a conjuncture issue, but the following question harasses me: why they set a very very weak password for root account and let us to secure it? The most professional way was to set a very strong password (30 characters or so, it is the root account, for God sake!) and let us to change it to a simple one….

Later edit:
We have received an email from MediaTemple regarding this post:
Hello *****,

We saw your blog post and wanted to touch on this issue.
1. We agree with you. Setting a root password to “root” is absolutely not acceptable and action has been taken to keep this from ever happening again.
2. In our defense, after reviewing your request to change the root password, it does seem that you wanted it changed to the password to “root”. You’d be surprised how common this request is.
We apologize for the inconvenience! Thanks for the continued support and business.

Jason McVearry


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I noticed a high degree of interest in my previous article about rounded-border textbox, so I decided that I must continue that post. Based on the comments that I received, I want to illustrate here another approach.

A better way than create the background for all the form is to set up the background just for input objects. In this demo we will create the background just for textbox. The image that we are using is the following:

All we need to do is to tell the textbox to use this image, through a CSS class, so first of all we have created a class called my_textbox:

.my_textbox {
 background-image: url(tbBg.jpg); /*Here we load the background image */
 background-repeat: no-repeat;
 background-attachment: fixed;
 height: 27px; /*we specify the the object dimensions like the image dimensions*/
 width: 174px;
 margin: 0px;
 padding: 5px 10px 0px 10px; /*without padding, the text will start from upper-left corner*/
 border: 0px none; /*we do not need any border*/

Then we must create a textbox input and set the class attribute to “my_textbox”:

<input name="user" class="my_textbox" type="textbox" maxlength="20">

The final result should look like this:
*We left the cells background white to see where the background comes.
Good luck!


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Ever wondered how to find the background color for a specifil excel cell? Why? Because you need to filter the sheet by color, and the only way that excel can filter is by value. So, instead of color, you need to save the color name in a separate column.

Excel doesn’t offer a function for this, so you must use VBA.
To start the VBA editor, press Alt+F11, then create this function:

Function GetBgColor(rCell As Range)
    ‘declare color variable
    Dim strColor As String

    ‘switch cell background color
    Select Case rCell.Interior.ColorIndex
       Case 1
        strColor = "Black"
       Case 6
        strColor = "Yellow"
       Case 2
        strColor = "White"
       Case Else
        ‘the color has no Index
        strColor = "No fill"
    End Select
    ‘return color name
    GetBgColor= strColor
End Function

Save this function by pressing Alt+Q, and return to your worksheet. Now, in a separate column, start a new formula as


where A2 is the cell that you want to query.

Here’s a screenshot:

You can improve this function in order to test multiple colors, but this is the template.


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