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I’ve just had a situation: I’ve defined a new Linux virtual machine with 512MB swap space and Oracle requirement was 1GB.

What do you need to do in order to increase the swap:
– shut down the virtual machine
– Add a new hard disk (either IDE or SCSI)
– start the virtual machine and wait to that hard disk to be discovered
– run:

#fdisk /dev/sdX
#fdisk /dev/hdX

where X is a-z, ussualy b. You will use hdX if your drive is IDE and sdX if your drive is SCSI
– click p to see the existing partitions
– if this is your new virtual hard drive, click n to create a new patition
– click t to change the partition type to “Linux Swap” (it is 82)
– click w to write changes
– run:

#mkswap /dev/sdX1
#mkswap /dev/hdX1

– change the swap location with the following command:

swapon /dev/sdX1
swapon /dev/hdX1

good luck

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