I read tons of reviews about this PDA phone before bought it. Now I have it for almost 2 months and I can share the experience with it.

But first let’s see how HTC TyTN II looks like:
HTC TyTN II Kaiser
A description is available here.

Now let’s see what I like at this device:
– QWERTY keyboard is fantastic. You can write emails and SMS very quick.
– GPS included in the device. I am traveling a lot and it’s very convenient to have maps for all the Europe with me.
– Jog dial. One of the things that are not observed but very useful is jog dial, the little wheel on the big thumb, BlackBerry style
– 3G capabilities for high-speed internet (I made less than 10 video calls, even when I worked for Vodafone).
– 3MP Camera
– agenda search and dialer (when is working)
– Launcher utility to activate/deactivate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS
– Internet Sharing, when you just plug the USB into your computer and you have mobile internet on your PC (no matter how you are connected)
– charging through USB. Mini USB is very popular so if I forgot my cable, I have several adapters from USB to mini USB.

What I don’t like:
– phone capabilities are awful. It’s like they focused so much on fancy things than forgot about phone
– it purely don’t want to make voice calls from dialer, so without restart I am forced to dial only from my phonebook.
– I have big thumbs and took me more than a month to be able to use touchscreen without the stylus
– it is not capable by default to hide SIM contacts. After every restart I need to edit registry to hide them.
– not capable by default to vibrate and increase ring when called. Either vibrate and normal ring, either increase ring.
– battery life is around 1 day. I prefer to let it charge every night.

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