Some applications are dependent on network functionality and they would not install if a network card is not present. As you will see in the next articles, some network parameters are changing frequently so we will need a static network card.

Microsoft Loopback Adapter is a dummy network card, no hardware is involved. It is used as a testing tool for a virtual network environment where network access is not available. Also, you must use the Loopback adapter if there are conflicts with a network adapter or with a network adapter driver. You can bind network clients, protocols, and other network configuration items to the Loopback adapter, and you can install the network adapter driver or network adapter later while retaining the network configuration information.

Then you will have a network card that will allow applications (such RDBMS) to be installed. After installation you need to set an IP address to it. A good IP address would be and as mask. General recommendation is something like, but I saw many DHCP servers where the gateway is and this means that your internet connection will not work.


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  4. sanjeev rathorNo Gravatar says:

    loop back adapter is an equipment in a network. loop back genrate a signal when one computer communication with an other computer. it genrate that signal to the network interface card (NIC) and than NIC reply to the loopback by sending a signal that there is a network established or not.

    so loopback adapter is used to check the network connection is working properly or not.

  5. Janardhana Kini (JK) TonseNo Gravatar says:

    I found this Microsoft Loopback adapter very useful to configure printing in DOS Applications where we use USB Ports for printer connection. If network command does not take your printing command dos application this will definitely work to solve the problem which acts as a Dummy Network Card to divert signals to USB cable.

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