Because lots of applications (including Oracle Database) require Microsoft Loopback Adapter installed if you have DHCP-enabled machine, I tried to find a solution to automatize the installation of this dummy device.
Lots of attendees that I had on my workshops are configuring the loopback adapter with strange IP’s, gateways and the most common result is malfunctioning of the internet connection.

First of all we need a command prompt utility that will act the same way as Device Manager. Microsoft has an utility like this called DevCon (probably from Device Console), but for some strange reasons it is not redistributable, so you need to download it from their site.
DevCon’s description is and download link is this.

Once you have the executable you can start a command prompt from that location and use following command to install loopback adapter:

devcon install %windir%\inf\netloop.inf *msloop

After a few seconds waiting, you have Loopback Adapter installed.

In the next article you will read about automated configuration of loopback adapter and writing an entry in Windows’ hosts file.

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  1. FabianNo Gravatar says:

    Is there any possibilty to install the loopback adapter on vista automaticly?

  2. HSMNo Gravatar says:
  3. GwalachmaiNo Gravatar says:

    A million thankyous – needed this for years!

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