I wrote a lot how to install loopback adapter, how to set the ip address (either manual or automatically), how to add an entry to hosts file (either manual or automatically). Now let’s add all together into a single script.
The script will do the following:

  • call DevCon to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter (you need to download DevCon and save it in the same folder as the script)
  • set the IP address and mask for the recently installed loopback adapter
  • dinamically read from Windows folder the hosts file
  • dinamically read the hostname
  • add a new entry to the hosts file with the supplied IP address and hostname
  • ping the hostname and check if the supplied IP address is responded
  • MOST IMPORTANT: everything is dynamic and automatic. You don’t need to edit the script before each install. Just run it!

You can download this script here:
Silent Install
* you will need to run the .bat file and make sure that you have devcon.exe in the same folder

I am thinking that maybe some users would want to modify the IP address, mask or set another hostname, they would want to set their own parameters. This is the reason why I created another version of the script which wait for user input for IP, Mask and Hostname, but having the default values filled in like this:
loopback enter the IP

You can download this script here:
Interactive Install
* you will need to run the .bat file and make sure that you have devcon.exe in the same folder

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3 Responses to “Preparing for Oracle Database Enterprise Manager – automatic configuration”
  1. abookerNo Gravatar says:

    I did this install. I am currently installing oracle 10g and the Product Specific PreReq Check of the Installer warns of a Network Requirement. It throws this warning before and after I run your script. Any thoughts?:

    Checking Network Configuration requirements …

    Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<
    Problem: The install has detected that the primary IP address of the system is DHCP-assigned.
    Recommendation: Oracle supports installations on systems with DHCP-assigned IP addresses; However, before you can do this, you must configure the Microsoft LoopBack Adapter to be the primary network adapter on the system. See the Installation Guide for more details on installing the software on systems configured with DHCP.

  2. Joelle724No Gravatar says:

    What did you do to fix this?

  3. andreiashNo Gravatar says:

    you just have to add loopback adapter and configure it with an IP that is having small chances to be used by a real network. This process is simplified by running my script, will do everything for you.

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