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Web 2.0 is everywhere, lot of people pretend that they are developing web 2.0 applications, but not all of them succeed. I will not make a review here, but just want to unveil some tools that will help building web 2.0 web sites.

1. The fundamental of web 2.0 is Ajax, which is no more than reloading just parts of the page via JavaScript without reloading the whole page. In order to use Ajax on-the-fly you need to use Prototype JavaScript Framework. Prototype also Read the rest of this entry »

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I just want to give a quick review on two of the new multi-protocol IM clients, clients you can use for Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, etc, without keeping a separate client for each one of them.

I will start with Pidgin, because it’s my preferred one:
+ easy to install, small installation footprint
+ stable, just few crashes in almost a year of intensive usage
+ lots of protocols know, more than Digsby Read the rest of this entry »

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If you want to save locally a internet movie, you open the page source and search for the FLV file location. Almost all the web players require the movie in FLV (Flash Video) format to be loaded.

Normally you will find in the page source something like “file=http://[domain]/[location]/[file].flv”. Just open another browser window and enter Read the rest of this entry »

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I recently had a very strange situation. Somebody had an USB flash drive that was recognized by his computer but he couldn’t access it. I tried the flash drive on my laptop and worked like a charm. Tried back on the desktop PC and still not work.
Then I googled and found a very interesting post here, which looks very dummy but it’s true. This is the solution:

“Turning the PC off doesn’t really turn it off as the motherboard is still powered. So I pulled out the power cord, waited 30 seconds and put it back in. Et Voila! USBs all working again.
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I have a DVD Player (E-Boda 777) and a home cinema (Philips HTS 3154), both of them having USB input for memory sticks. All the time I wanted to add an external hard disk to them, but I ended with an error saying something like “Disk not supported”.

This was solved yesterday. I managed to make it readable, but just 196GB from my 500GB HDD. The reason why producers are saying that HDD are not supported is because putting lots of files on a HDD will increase accessing time.
Having a few hundred of files on it can mean 30-40 seconds till you folders/files list will appear on your screen.
Another problem would be disk format. Putting data on the inner part of your disk mean that your disk will rotate much more to retrieve the same amount of data than from the outer part of the disk. So you can experience some delays when you will play the movies that reside on the inner part of the disk.

Here are the general rules to make it work: Read the rest of this entry »

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Last week I’ve been in Nice. In the evening, I was sitting with some colleagues waiting for the beer at some bar in the harbor, and the bartender came with the beers and was extremely pleased to have 6 guys at his table, because he was gay. When we asked him to take us a picture, he refused because he wanted to be in the picture.
Here is what we get, damn it:
Gay bartender in Nice

N.B. None of the us is gay, cross my heart !

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A new gadget for Wii will be available in Europe starting with 25th of April 2008. It’s called Wii Fit and the description is here: Don’t forget to watch the video.

It’s a nice thing for the ones that have no time to go to the gym or for the lazy ones. They said that the USA version will be available one month later, and there are voices on the internet that are saying this is because the americans are heavier and they need to increase the resistance.

The price for Europe will be between 70 and 90 EUR.


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Yes, finally I got a Wii as a present from my wife. It’s incredible. I spent first 2 days playing tennis like a madman and now I am thinking of modding it.

By modding it you will:
– lose your warranty
– be able to use downloaded games
– play DVDs
– use Opera browser for Wii

I found out that there are plenty of mod chips available, but not all of them are compatible with all Wii releases. The first thing you should check before choosing a chip is your Wii hardware release. The process is very simple: Read the rest of this entry »

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