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Last week I’ve been in Nice. In the evening, I was sitting with some colleagues waiting for the beer at some bar in the harbor, and the bartender came with the beers and was extremely pleased to have 6 guys at his table, because he was gay. When we asked him to take us a picture, he refused because he wanted to be in the picture.
Here is what we get, damn it:
Gay bartender in Nice

N.B. None of the us is gay, cross my heart !

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A new gadget for Wii will be available in Europe starting with 25th of April 2008. It’s called Wii Fit and the description is here: Don’t forget to watch the video.

It’s a nice thing for the ones that have no time to go to the gym or for the lazy ones. They said that the USA version will be available one month later, and there are voices on the internet that are saying this is because the americans are heavier and they need to increase the resistance.

The price for Europe will be between 70 and 90 EUR.


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Yes, finally I got a Wii as a present from my wife. It’s incredible. I spent first 2 days playing tennis like a madman and now I am thinking of modding it.

By modding it you will:
– lose your warranty
– be able to use downloaded games
– play DVDs
– use Opera browser for Wii

I found out that there are plenty of mod chips available, but not all of them are compatible with all Wii releases. The first thing you should check before choosing a chip is your Wii hardware release. The process is very simple: Read the rest of this entry »

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