Yes, finally I got a Wii as a present from my wife. It’s incredible. I spent first 2 days playing tennis like a madman and now I am thinking of modding it.

By modding it you will:
– lose your warranty
– be able to use downloaded games
– play DVDs
– use Opera browser for Wii

I found out that there are plenty of mod chips available, but not all of them are compatible with all Wii releases. The first thing you should check before choosing a chip is your Wii hardware release. The process is very simple: just go to and enter your console’s serial number. Then your hardware type will be identified.
Having the hardware type (e.g. D2A, D2B, D2C, etc) you can have a look on the compatible chips for it: Most of the games available for download are WiiKey tested, so this should be a good option. I also found out that Argon chips are very powerful and easy to install.

Another thing that you should consider when modding the console is the complexity of the operation. Some chips have 50+ wires and any mistake will screw your console. As a comparison, Argon chip has ~15 wires.


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