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If you want to save locally a internet movie, you open the page source and search for the FLV file location. Almost all the web players require the movie in FLV (Flash Video) format to be loaded.

Normally you will find in the page source something like “file=http://[domain]/[location]/[file].flv”. Just open another browser window and enter Read the rest of this entry »

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I recently had a very strange situation. Somebody had an USB flash drive that was recognized by his computer but he couldn’t access it. I tried the flash drive on my laptop and worked like a charm. Tried back on the desktop PC and still not work.
Then I googled and found a very interesting post here, which looks very dummy but it’s true. This is the solution:

“Turning the PC off doesn’t really turn it off as the motherboard is still powered. So I pulled out the power cord, waited 30 seconds and put it back in. Et Voila! USBs all working again.
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