I just want to give a quick review on two of the new multi-protocol IM clients, clients you can use for Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, etc, without keeping a separate client for each one of them.

I will start with Pidgin, because it’s my preferred one:
+ easy to install, small installation footprint
+ stable, just few crashes in almost a year of intensive usage
+ lots of protocols know, more than Digsby
+ a Portable Pidgin is available, for running directly from pen drives.
– your status is across all acounts, so you cannot be invisible in YM and Busy in Gtalk
– not the best-looking client

A new-comer, still beta, is Digsby :
+ easy to install, not so tiny installation footprint
+ very nice interface, skins and color themes
+ email and social networking support
– fewer protocols support than Pidgin
– probably because it’s still beta, i experienced lot of crashes
– installation took very long even on a very powerful machine

My opinion is that Digsby is designed for teenagers who are chatting a lot and are intensively using social networking. Pidgin is just a tool that is joining all the accounts within one client. I am successfully using even my corporate Oracle IM within Pidgin.

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