Web 2.0 is everywhere, lot of people pretend that they are developing web 2.0 applications, but not all of them succeed. I will not make a review here, but just want to unveil some tools that will help building web 2.0 web sites.

1. The fundamental of web 2.0 is Ajax, which is no more than reloading just parts of the page via JavaScript without reloading the whole page. In order to use Ajax on-the-fly you need to use Prototype JavaScript Framework. Prototype also extends DOM, which means you are not longer required to fully qualify an object, but just use a shorter name prefixed by $.

2. To increase the power of Prototype you should use Script.aculo.us , which comes with Prototype built-in. It’s providing animation framework, drag’n’drop support, Ajax controls, unit testing. Be honest, didn’t you want to enrich your normal textbox with auto-complete support provided by the database? And don’t worry if there will be too many results, because Scritp.aculo.us is highly customizable in limiting the results, setting the minimum characters for auto-complete and so on.

3. All the time I wanted some grid controls to provide sorting, in-place editing with Ajax support, powerful tree controls and paging controls. All of them are provided by ExtJs and many more. If you want to make your web application to look more like a desktop app, without increasing too much network traffic then ExtJs is the solution for this.

4. Do you have a small photo gallery on your website and don’t want to create a gallery script or integrating a too advanced gallery application on your website? You should use Lighbox JS , a very small script that will open your images in a very nice way. Implementation is very quick, there is no drawback in using it, it’s working on all browsers (or if it’s not working, it will just open the image, without background and open effect).

Good luck on 2.0 !

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