Oracle apex 3.1

I’ve been asked many times if there is possible to install Oracle Application Express on Express Edition of 10g database, both of them being free products. The answer is YES, and the procedure is quite simple, as very well indicated on Oracle website

The steps would be:

  • Download the latest version from APEX website
  • Unzip the archive in a convenient location on your hard-disk
  • Start a SQL*Plus from that location( C:\apex\> sqlplus / as sysdba )
  • Install apex:
    @apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/
  • Change admin password:
  • Set images path (APEX_HOME is the folder where you unziped the archive):
    @APEX_HOME/apex/apxldimg.sql APEX_HOME
  • Run the following script where “password” is the admin password set 2 steps before:
    @APEX_HOME/apex/apxxepwd.sql password

Good luck

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2 Responses to “Oracle APEX 3.1 installation on Oracle Database 10g XE”
  1. andreiashNo Gravatar says:


    10g database is one of the mostly used databases as database layer for data warehouses. 10g DB is offering all the necessary OLAP tools to build a data warehouse. However, you should consider also Oracle Warehouse Builder or Oracle Data Integrator.
    I am not sure if you made a confusion between 10g Express edition (free version of the database, with 4 GB user data limitation) and Application Express, the web-based development tool. 10g Express Edition will not probably fit your needs and Application Express can be used as a reporting tool for you data mart, if you want to build just “some kind” of it.

    good luck,

  2. mbeNo Gravatar says:


    Am intampinat o problema dupa ce am instalat APEX, conform instructiunilor tale.
    Rulez Ubuntu 9.04, si am instalat anterior Oracle Database 10g R2 XE, conform unui post de al tau anterior. Problema este ca dupa ce am instalat APEX, nu mai pot accesa the data base home page ( Cand am configurat XE-ul, i-am specificat manual sa foloseasca portul 7999. Imediat dupa instalarea XE-ului, am testat home page-ul, totul mergea, chiar am reusit sa dau unlock la contul HR. Dar acum nu mai merge. Help?

    rulez Ubuntu 9.04, am instalat deja XE-ul, cu setarile obisnuite, mai putin portul pt http – 7999 si optiunea sa NU porneasca automat la start-up.
    echo $ORACLE_SID
    echo $ORACLE_HOME
    echo $PATH
    echo $APEX_HOME

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