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Translating something quickly is very easy today, by adding the corresponding bot as buddy in GTalk.

If you just add bots like:

  • – English to Romanian
  • – English to French
  • – Romanian to French
  • – French to English
  • the list includes all the languages supported by Google Translate

then you can chat with these “buddies”, telling something in the first language and they will reply with the translation in the second language, something like this:

(2:50:01 PM) andrei: I just want to test you
(2:50:14 PM) Eu doar vreau să vă încerce

Of course it’s not perfect 🙂 but it’s a very nice feature.

For translating large amounts of text or websites, still remain the best choice.


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Apparently windows console does not take the environmental settings from Internet Explorer, so if you properly set your proxy in IE, it is not valid in console.
And if you are running a console application that need to connect to the web and you are after a proxy, then you have a problem.

The solutions are:

  • run windows utility proxycfg.exe like this:
    C:>proxycfg -p proxy_name:proxy_port
  • move to a network where you don’t need a proxy 😉


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If you are migrating a database with business logic inside (typically SQL Server and Sybase) to Oracle, it can happen that translation process to freeze during converting a particular stored procedure or trigger.

The problem come up when finding lots of IF… ELSE loops inside the stored procedure and this will be solved in the next release of SQL Developer.

The solutions, as Dermot O’Neill said, are:

  • comment the ELSE keywords, translating it into /* ELSE */, then uncomment if after translation
  • delete the procedure from the captured model and skip it during translation
  • comment the code inside the procedure, or comment just some IF… ELSE loops

Good luck !

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Half a year ago I bought an add-on for one hosting account that I have on . The add-on should be 3$/month, and they made a bill just for the first month. Starting with 30th of August they started to generate the invoices from the past like this:

There are some things that I don’t understand:

  • why the due date is before invoice date?
  • why they cannot aggregate all the old invoices in a bigger one
  • why they need to generate an invoice per day
  • why just after 1 day from invoice generation I am getting a notification with my password send in plain text

Later edit:
After paying all the invoices one by one, I cancelled the add-on and I am strongly thinking of cancelling the whole account.

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