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I had a flight with AF in June that was not counted as Level Flight and I didn’t get any miles with it. The normal deduction that I made was that I had a poor booking class. From my checking I discovered I had N as booking class and I never had N before.

Next week I will have a return flight to Biarritz Parme, France, and all my 4 segments have booking class N. Having this flights not counted as Level Flights will be very bad for me since I have right now 27 segments flown with SkyTeam, just 3 segments away for Gold level.

I tried to get some clarification from AF support. This is bad, it’s a pure French organization, I mean:

  • don’t have a normal phone number, there is just one with ~0.5 EUR/minute
  • don’t have an email address, you need to fill some web form
  • there is no possibility to reply their answers, for extra clarification you need to fill again the web form

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