I’m a constant user of Google Analytics. It’s a great piece of software with lots of useful reports, easy to read and to understand. However, I was never curious how far I can go with it.

Last week I had a discussion with someone in Oracle about Real-Time Decision (RTD) Server and Real User Experience Insight (RUEI), so I decided to find out first all the capabilities of Google Analytics.
After half of day of reading the course materials on Google Conversion University, I decided that a challenge might worth 50$, so I took the exam.

More than an hour later I passed the 70 questions exam, much difficult than I expected, with a score of 87%:
Google Analytics IQ - Andrei Daneasa

Now having the proof I understood correctly what’s happening with Google Analytics, I can jump into conclusions:

  • GA it’s a great piece of software for analyzing trends, keywords and content.
  • GA it’s staying on another server than your web server and the communication is uni-directional. This means GA will get information about your site, but you cannot implement real-time decisions based on GA
  • GA it’s free, same Urchin, so if you own a blog or have a small budget, these will be your choices
  • Both RTD Server and RUEI are licensed products with a price per processor over 80K USD, which makes them a choice just for big enterprises
  • RTD Server will be able to serve real-time content based on your behavior, just like Amazon is doing
  • GA is not able to track 404-pages, loading times, code execution times

To summarize: if you’re big, go with RTD and/or RUEI. If you’re not so big, stay with GA, Urchin or other free stuff like them.

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  1. mkeNo Gravatar says:

    Sa curga sampania! 🙂

  2. andreiashNo Gravatar says:

    daca tu vrei sa bem doar pentru asta, atunci bem 🙂

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