I recently read SQL Developer 2.1 book by Sue Harper, published by Packt Publishing (thanks Veena).

Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 by Sue Harper

In a few words: I’m impressed. It’s a must read for everybody who’s working with Oracle.

For those of you who never used SQL Developer, is a GUI like Toad or PL/SQL Developer. The main difference is that it’s free and made by Oracle. As a former user of PL/SQL Developer I have to say that Oracle SQL Developer reached its maturity, Oracle is investing a lot of efforts in developing this tool and this is why now SQL Developer is the most used tool for Oracle development, which is quite impressive considering it has just 2 or 3 years since it was launched.

I was using SQL Developer since it was on beta, still called Project Raptor, and I witnessed the way it grew day by day. From a very simple GUI the development team added:

  • migration capabilities, making Oracle Migration Workbench deprecated
  • schema copy, schema compare
  • import/export capabilities
  • SVN/CVS integration
  • Data modelling
  • excellent reporting capabilities

Now, coming back to the book: what’s better than having a book describing all the above written by the Product Manager of the tool? Sue did a fantastic job writing the book and now everybody have a reference (with a lot of examples and screenshots) for all the capabilities of SQL Developer.

I have to recon that there were quite a few things in the book that I have no idea they exists. This is mostly due to the fact that the product is on such a heavy development and the releases are launched very frequently.

After reading the book I am seriously thinking of buying the hard-copy of the book. Again, it’s something that everybody that deals with Oracle must have.


The prices at www.packtpub.com are:
– 38.69 EUR for the paper book (discounted 10%)
– 28.89 EUR for the eBook (discounted 15%)
– 44.68 EUR for the paper book + eBook (10% off paper book and 85% off eBook).

LATER UPDATE: I’ve got 15% off for people reading this review, you just need to use the promo code: OSQL15r


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