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I was doing some insane browsing during my vacation and realized that my oldest blog post is 5 years old!
… and my domain, is 8 years old. It had quite a few versions and in the end I decided that nothing worth to be on the first page.
… and I don’t even call myself “blogger” or anything else.

I am proud not to put all kind of garbage on my blog, proud of most my posts and proud that I kept my interest in this so many years. And yes, I want this coffee mug:


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Approx. 4 months after the Linux release, the Windows version of 11gR2 arrived on OTN silently.

Just 64bit version for the moment, but I’m sure the 32bit version will follow soon. Considering the fact there is nothing on corporate blogs or on eDelivery, I’m sure they will make it public after both version will be available, most probably after Easter.

Regarding the version itself, I used the beta versions and will definitely recommend it.

LATER UPDATE (6th of April): 32bit version has just arrived on OTN here.



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