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I know there’s quite some time since my last post, but there are good reasons for this. First on the list would be my daughter Emma, who keeps growing and is filling all my afterwork time.

Secondly, lot of new Oracle products that I’ve been trained on and now I’m supposed to train other people. Then it comes the vacation, the first one with a child 🙂

What else… maybe I should mention:

  • it’s my fourth week working entirely on Ubuntu 64bit and I absolutely love it. Nothing is missing but Microsoft Office.
  • I read a lot of technical books on my Sony Reader. Everybody should buy one, especially now when they dropped the price like hell
  • did some personal projects, some very successful
  • I was actively involved in the efforts of keeping IT tax benefits in Romania
  • ahhh, yes, these Facebook and Linkedin are definitely distracting me from my blog.

But there’s September now and things are back on track.

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