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My parents in-law got their home router replaced by the provider with a crappy Zyxel wi-fi router. Besides the fact everything is working slower than before due to some internal firewall and management, one laptop having Vista on it (hmmm, it came with it) was unable to connect to the new network.

After spending few hours trying to connect, changing all the settings in the router, restarting the router like hell, I was about to reinstall the OS on that laptop. But as I never worked on Vista, I thought google-ing a bit might reveal similar experiences. And yes, I was so right… one of the first results was stating:
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I used both services to take tests in the past as the following: Microsoft – Pearson VUE and Oracle – Prometric.

It seems that driven by the cut-costs strategy they started to steal each other’s clients. Oracle just moved to Pearson VUE. The result for me as a customer, not as an Oracle employee, is that I cannot access my history. You have to believe me or to wait until Oracle will provide online transcripts when I will tell you what I own. There’s no history on their side, they claim the history will be kept on Oracle’s side at Certview, but I was unable to check my history.

I remembered I used Pearson VUE to take my Microsoft MCSD exams, so I tried to log in with my old credentials. Surprise…. Microsoft is no longer with Pearson, but they moved to Prometric. It’s totally confusing and you don’t want to take an exam these days 🙂

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Trebuia sa ajung la Skopje, Macedonia pentru un workshop. Nefiind o destinatie prea la moda am gasit (cam) singura varianta de zbor prin Budapesta.

Plecarea la 10:40 de la noi, sosirea la 15:10 ora locala (CET) in Skopje. Elegant si as fi avut si posibilitatea sa vad finala UEFA, ca doar nu m-am uitat ca prostul la o gramada de meciuri sa pierd finala…

Ei bine, cum ziceam, as fi avut posibilitatea. Am ajuns in aeroport pe la 9 si pe panou mare “BUDAPEST – CANCELLED”….. fuck!
Ma duc repejor la ghiseu, mai patisem si asteptam o rerutare.
Cocoana Malev: “Aaa, sunteti domnul care merge la Skopje! Imi pare rau, tocmai incercam sa gasim o solutie de rerutare prin Istanbul, dar aveti connection time 10 minute, nu merge. Imi pare rau, nu avem nici o solutie, veniti maine dimineata”.
Eu ma tineam tare: “Doamna, nu suntem la alimentara cu azi n-avem, veniti maine… n-are rost sa va descriu pe larg motivele dar maine dimineata eu trebuie sa fiu in Skopje”.
Cocoana: “Va cred, imi pare rau, n-avem ce face”.
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Today afternoon on any seach on the user was unable to click any of the results since google said it has interstitials. I mean strange, very strange…. all of them?

For those of you that don’t know what an interstitial is, it’s an intermediate page shown before the desired page, usually used to advertise something.

Here is the proof that it was either a hack either a very poor programming:
– A search for word “google“:

– If i am clicking the link for, I’ve got: “Warning – visiting this site may harm your computer!“:

Now after more than half an hour Google is working well again… hopefully this will not happen again in the future…


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Pe 30 octombrie s-a aprobat o modificare la codul muncii care mai introduce 3 zile de sarbatoare legala, si anume prima si a doua zi de Rusalii si Adormirea Maicii Domnului.

Drept urmare avem asa:

  • 1 si 2 ianuarie;
  • prima si a doua zi de Pasti;
  • 1 mai;
  • prima si a doua zi de Rusalii;
  • *9 august – Ziua IT-ului
  • 15 august – Adormirea Maicii Domnului;
  • 1 decembrie;
  • prima si a doua zi de Craciun;

Total=13 zile

Mai avem pana la francezi, dar e totusi ceva.

Mai rau ca prima zi de Rusalii pica mereu duminica, la fel ca prima zi de Paste. Nu inteleg de de le dau pe astea.

Ar mai fi ziua IT-ului, introdusa la inceputul acestui an, dar atat de bine aleasa incat in primul an de existenta, 2008, a picat fix sambata.
In 2009 ziua IT-ului pica duminica. In conditiile astea propun ca IT-ul sa serbeze in fiecare weekend!!

Meseriasi parlamentarii nostri, nu? Probabil s-au gandit la ei cand au decretat si Adormirea Maicii Domnului zi de sarbatoare.

Nu pot sa zic multumesc, dar pot zice ca mi-e rusine cu ei.

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I just won a little battle with AF by getting the compensation for my delayed luggage and I am very proud of this.

First I tried to leave the proving documents at Montpellier airport. The lady from Luggage services kindly asked me to do this in Paris airport.

Second time, normally, I tried this at Charles de Gaulle airport. The lady there said that I need to do this in my country of residence, and gave me the contact details from Air France luggage services in Bucharest.

Third time I called Bucharest office where I was told to send them the documents by normal post, but they cannot guarantee anything, not even the fact they will receive them. I found this very strange and sent the documents by fast courier and got a registration number and their signature on receive.

After just 2 weeks I got an email telling that my receipts will be paid by AF, and in just 10 days I got the money in my account. Not much, I don’t really care about the money, the whole thing I did just as a principle and I suggest everybody do the same!

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I had a flight with AF in June that was not counted as Level Flight and I didn’t get any miles with it. The normal deduction that I made was that I had a poor booking class. From my checking I discovered I had N as booking class and I never had N before.

Next week I will have a return flight to Biarritz Parme, France, and all my 4 segments have booking class N. Having this flights not counted as Level Flights will be very bad for me since I have right now 27 segments flown with SkyTeam, just 3 segments away for Gold level.

I tried to get some clarification from AF support. This is bad, it’s a pure French organization, I mean:

  • don’t have a normal phone number, there is just one with ~0.5 EUR/minute
  • don’t have an email address, you need to fill some web form
  • there is no possibility to reply their answers, for extra clarification you need to fill again the web form

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Air France luggage tag

Air France luggage tag

I went to Montpellier couple of weeks ago. Since there was no direct flight, I flew through Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. I heard about the high level of competence at Air France ground services, but thought that 2 and a half hours for connecting flight should be enough for my luggage.

I was wrong! I arrived in Montpellier but my luggage didn’t make it. After waiting around 30 minutes went to the Air France Baggage Service where it was a long queue. In almost one hour it was my turn. They said that were very sorry about the problem, it’s frequent when you have a connection on Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and my luggages are waiting in Paris for the next flight to Montpellier.
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Half a year ago I bought an add-on for one hosting account that I have on . The add-on should be 3$/month, and they made a bill just for the first month. Starting with 30th of August they started to generate the invoices from the past like this:

There are some things that I don’t understand:

  • why the due date is before invoice date?
  • why they cannot aggregate all the old invoices in a bigger one
  • why they need to generate an invoice per day
  • why just after 1 day from invoice generation I am getting a notification with my password send in plain text

Later edit:
After paying all the invoices one by one, I cancelled the add-on and I am strongly thinking of cancelling the whole account.

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Cine a avut cont la (da, la ei comandai decat daca aveai cont) nu-l mai are. El trebuie recreat pentru ca au avut “probleme tehnice majore probleme tehnice majore
Acum n-o sa zic nimic de problema tehnica “majora”, se poate intampla oricui, insa nu ma pot abtine de la cateva intrebari:
– in tot acest timp nu s-a facut nici un backup al bazei de date? Read the rest of this entry »

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