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I am a huge fan of Picasa, moved from Flickr due to their stupid limit of 200 photos in free accounts. After one and a half year of using Picasa Web, my web space reached its limit and I had to buy 10 GB of space for $20 per year (this was the cheapest option).

There was a post on Google blog saying they are now offering twice the space for quarter the price. I went immediately to my account and saw that I now have 80 GB of quota !!

… and the first option is to buy 20 GB for $5 ! Long live Google !


One funny thing here: check the “round” prices for bigger plans: $512, $1024, $2048…. 🙂

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There’s no way to develop a web app and don’t need a chart/pie, even this is for the backend. Google offers this Chart API and it’s fabulous. No need to install anything, just call a web page with your set of parameters. Now they offer maps and I can, for example, to keep track of the countries I visited.


Europe countries I visited so far

Europe countries I visited so far

People say that one picture worth more than a thousand words. This is true: just change, or offer charts as alternative to your long and boring tables and you’ll see the result.

What have I done here:
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Today afternoon on any seach on the user was unable to click any of the results since google said it has interstitials. I mean strange, very strange…. all of them?

For those of you that don’t know what an interstitial is, it’s an intermediate page shown before the desired page, usually used to advertise something.

Here is the proof that it was either a hack either a very poor programming:
– A search for word “google“:

– If i am clicking the link for, I’ve got: “Warning – visiting this site may harm your computer!“:

Now after more than half an hour Google is working well again… hopefully this will not happen again in the future…


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Translating something quickly is very easy today, by adding the corresponding bot as buddy in GTalk.

If you just add bots like:

  • – English to Romanian
  • – English to French
  • – Romanian to French
  • – French to English
  • the list includes all the languages supported by Google Translate

then you can chat with these “buddies”, telling something in the first language and they will reply with the translation in the second language, something like this:

(2:50:01 PM) andrei: I just want to test you
(2:50:14 PM) Eu doar vreau să vă încerce

Of course it’s not perfect 🙂 but it’s a very nice feature.

For translating large amounts of text or websites, still remain the best choice.


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