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After we tested our JDBC connection to Firebird and then migrated from Firebird to MySQL we have just one more step to do:

Migration from MySQL to Oracle using SQL Developer Migration Workbench

For migrating MySQL to Oracle we need to have:

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Now that we connected successfully to Firebird through JDBC, let’s see if MySQL Migration Tool can connect and migrate the data to MySQL, our intermediary stage for migrating to Oracle.

Migration from Firebird to MySQL

In addition to what we installed during Part 1, we need to install MySQL 5.0 Community Server, the free version, which comes by default (not the Essential Edition) with MySQL Migration Toolkit.
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In order to do an automatic migration from Firebird to Oracle the only fully automatic process for Tables and Data is make a 2-step migration:
– Firebird to MySQL with MySQL Migration tool
– MySQL to Oracle with SQL Developer Migration Workbench
..but first:

Firebird connection through JDBC on Windows

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