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I was doing some insane browsing during my vacation and realized that my oldest blog post is 5 years old!
… and my domain, is 8 years old. It had quite a few versions and in the end I decided that nothing worth to be on the first page.
… and I don’t even call myself “blogger” or anything else.

I am proud not to put all kind of garbage on my blog, proud of most my posts and proud that I kept my interest in this so many years. And yes, I want this coffee mug:


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I am a huge fan of Picasa, moved from Flickr due to their stupid limit of 200 photos in free accounts. After one and a half year of using Picasa Web, my web space reached its limit and I had to buy 10 GB of space for $20 per year (this was the cheapest option).

There was a post on Google blog saying they are now offering twice the space for quarter the price. I went immediately to my account and saw that I now have 80 GB of quota !!

… and the first option is to buy 20 GB for $5 ! Long live Google !


One funny thing here: check the “round” prices for bigger plans: $512, $1024, $2048…. 🙂

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I’m a constant user of Google Analytics. It’s a great piece of software with lots of useful reports, easy to read and to understand. However, I was never curious how far I can go with it.

Last week I had a discussion with someone in Oracle about Real-Time Decision (RTD) Server and Real User Experience Insight (RUEI), so I decided to find out first all the capabilities of Google Analytics.
After half of day of reading the course materials on Google Conversion University, I decided that a challenge might worth 50$, so I took the exam.

More than an hour later I passed the 70 questions exam, much difficult than I expected, with a score of 87%:
Google Analytics IQ - Andrei Daneasa

Now having the proof I understood correctly what’s happening with Google Analytics, I can jump into conclusions: Read the rest of this entry »

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There’s no way to develop a web app and don’t need a chart/pie, even this is for the backend. Google offers this Chart API and it’s fabulous. No need to install anything, just call a web page with your set of parameters. Now they offer maps and I can, for example, to keep track of the countries I visited.


Europe countries I visited so far

Europe countries I visited so far

People say that one picture worth more than a thousand words. This is true: just change, or offer charts as alternative to your long and boring tables and you’ll see the result.

What have I done here:
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Cine a avut cont la (da, la ei comandai decat daca aveai cont) nu-l mai are. El trebuie recreat pentru ca au avut “probleme tehnice majore probleme tehnice majore
Acum n-o sa zic nimic de problema tehnica “majora”, se poate intampla oricui, insa nu ma pot abtine de la cateva intrebari:
– in tot acest timp nu s-a facut nici un backup al bazei de date? Read the rest of this entry »

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Did you ever want to check a website as it was 1 year ago for example? I do want, because lots of websites that I initially developed were redesigned during the years and it was nice to find my work in the archive.
How it’s working? It’s a search engine that takes a snapshot of every website on a regular basis, normally every month.
Where? At:

Lots of people are asking me about They decided to remake the website with their initial partners, even that with my platform they sold more than 20K USD in a few months. Unfortunately on the images and flash animations do not appear, but you still can check it as it was 2 years ago.

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