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My parents in-law got their home router replaced by the provider with a crappy Zyxel wi-fi router. Besides the fact everything is working slower than before due to some internal firewall and management, one laptop having Vista on it (hmmm, it came with it) was unable to connect to the new network.

After spending few hours trying to connect, changing all the settings in the router, restarting the router like hell, I was about to reinstall the OS on that laptop. But as I never worked on Vista, I thought google-ing a bit might reveal similar experiences. And yes, I was so right… one of the first results was stating:
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Approx. 4 months after the Linux release, the Windows version of 11gR2 arrived on OTN silently.

Just 64bit version for the moment, but I’m sure the 32bit version will follow soon. Considering the fact there is nothing on corporate blogs or on eDelivery, I’m sure they will make it public after both version will be available, most probably after Easter.

Regarding the version itself, I used the beta versions and will definitely recommend it.

LATER UPDATE (6th of April): 32bit version has just arrived on OTN here.



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oracle_11g_database1. Introduction
First, you need to make sure that you have enough space. As space was never a big concern for Oracle (but performance yes), make sure that you have at least 10 GB free disk space.
Second, make sure that you have the latest Windows SP and loopback adapter installed and configured if you are using DHCP. How? See this.

Download the latest 11g release ( now) and don’t be scared about the size 🙂
If you have a Metalink account, you can also download the last update ( now, patchset 6890831) and don’t be scared about the size 🙂
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Apparently windows console does not take the environmental settings from Internet Explorer, so if you properly set your proxy in IE, it is not valid in console.
And if you are running a console application that need to connect to the web and you are after a proxy, then you have a problem.

The solutions are:

  • run windows utility proxycfg.exe like this:
    C:>proxycfg -p proxy_name:proxy_port
  • move to a network where you don’t need a proxy 😉


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