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Apex is a great tool for rapid web applications based on Oracle Database. It’s free, and if you’re happy with Oracle XE’s limitations, then it’s perfect, you have the database free as well. I’ve been following APEX for long time ago, since it was called HTML DB, and wrote 2+ years ago a guide how to install APEX on XE.

Now APEX 4.0.1 is GA and most of the people would like to upgrade. It’s very simple.

1. Download APEX from OTN
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well… my colleagues from SQL Dev team will probably take out from the marketplace our competition. Having so many features for free is something that me and all the users are highly appreciating.

SQL Developer 2.1 EA1

SQL Developer 2.1 EA1

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xe_logoBest way to have a easy to access XE database and APEX on top of it is to put them on a Ubuntu Server virtual machine that I start just when I need.

Installation of 10g Express Edition should not take more than 10 minutes and the steps are below:

1. Prepare the swap space
If you have less than 1GB memory run the following commands to create swap space:

$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swpfs1 bs=1M count=1000
$ sudo mkswap /swpfs1
$ sudo swapon /swpfs1

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Lots of people landed on my blog by searching for “10g XE disadvantages”, but unfortunately I don’t have such an article. I mean until now 🙂

xe_logoSo what are the disadvantages of using 10g XE database? :

  • it’s not supported by Oracle support
  • it is working on just one processor core, no matter how many you have
  • it will not use more than 1 GB of RAM, no matter how much RAM you have
  • you cannot store more than 4 GB of user data, hard-coded limitation
  • you’ll not find patches for it
  • not yet a 11g version

Of course there are lots of advantages:
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Oracle apex 3.1

I’ve been asked many times if there is possible to install Oracle Application Express on Express Edition of 10g database, both of them being free products. The answer is YES, and the procedure is quite simple, as very well indicated on Oracle website

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